About Us

Mission Statement We guarantee value to our customers’ expectations throughout the delivery process.

Who We Are
Rocky Freight Solution (RFS) is the culmination of efforts that began five years ago as a carrier Company moving freights across the country. RFS has taken talent from transportation and logistics, added key players from its network and now stands ready as a licensed and bonded brokerage – ready to help you!
What We Do
At RFS, we provide our customers with quick and reliable transportation solutions over land across the North America. We know how important safe and timely delivery of goods is for your business. When you choose us as your logistics partner, we will offer you the best in transportation and customer services.

Regardless of your location, we develop a partnership with your business. Hence, you can achieve your business objectives through our interstate freight management and delivery solutions. Our reach extends across numerous industries and markets, both small and large. We have a team of experienced professionals in the logistics industry. We know the ins and outs of the trade. RFS utilizes the latest technologies to benefit clients. Our innovation allows us to offer you the most efficient and effective transportation services. RFS takes the burden off your shoulders by handling freight forwarding and custom brokerage on your behalf. We free you up so you can focus on your core responsibilities. This way, while you focus on your business, we manage the hassle of delivering your goods.

At RFS, we continuously evaluate our services and assess our partners to ensure that we maintain the highest standard of service, quality, and value our clientele expects and demands.